Hey Girl, Where Have You Been?

June 27, 2012

So, um, hi. It's been a while. I'm thinking I should neglect my blog for 2 weeks more often because I gained a lot more followers in the past 2 weeks that I haven't blogged than I do when I blog semi-regularly. Maybe that's a hint. My absence has been with good reason. I launched my premade Blogger template shop a few weeks ago on my website, POXXIE and received quite a few orders that kept me busy. I also opened shop on Etsy and received a few more! Yesterday, I removed all of the templates on my website and just displayed the Etsy widget. Even though Etsy charges more fees and all that mess it's just a lot easier for me to keep up with for some reason.

In between custom blog design orders, customizing premade orders and trying to design new premade templates for the shop (among sleeping, eating, working at my 8-5 and spending quality time with my son and my boyfriend) I've been pretty darn busy.

If you'd like to check out the templates I currently have for sale look below. I'm also still available for custom designs as well.


  1. I've just been clicking through blogs today and found yours! I love your designs!! I'm definitely wanting something fresh sometime soon, so I'm bookmarking your blog so I can find you when I'm ready for a redesign!

    Stop by the Reverie blog and say if you ever want to!

  2. Wow I just LOVE your pre-made templates! You are very talented! xo


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