October 12, 2012

I've been a little MIA lately but I'm hoping to get back on a regular posting schedule next week. I've been super busy with work and life but things are finally starting to settle down. Whew!

I was going through some boxes and found an old photo album with baby pictures. It's actually the only photo album that survived a house fire my parents had a few years back because I had it with me at the time the house burned down. I never realized how much Aiden favors me until I saw these pictures. Behold the greatness! Haha


  1. These are really treasure pictures :D Really nice and lovely! The eyes, nose and smiles all look same. Amazing :)

    Anh @Fab 'n Fun

  2. He does favor you a lot. I always thought he looked like J, but in these photos you can really tell he's yours!

  3. Oh my gosh do cute! I'm glad those pictures survived!

  4. So fun to go back and look at kid photos! So sweet!

  5. haha, it almost looks like the same kid on all 4 photos!


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