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October 15, 2012

I've been reading/hearing about these beauty subscription services for a couple years now and last month I finally caved and put myself on the waiting list for one. I chose the MyGlam bag, which changed its name to ipsy a couple weeks later. The reason I chose this one was because there were a lot of really, really good reviews on it AND they don't have a referral program. That may sound like a weird reason, but I'm not a salesperson and I don't really care anything about getting extra points or money or hugs and kisses or whatever for referring people to these subscriptions services. But mainly, the fact that it gets good reviews & recommendations WITHOUT getting any perks for those recommendations says a lot, in my opinion.

Anyway, I have to say, I am SO impressed! I'm going to continue with my subscription at this point because I love EVERYTHING I got in my first bag so far. Here's what I received:

mirenesse Lip Bomb in #9 (full size) - Retails: $39.00

I saw a lot of people got a sort of reddish color and I was a little worried before I opened my bag because I. HATE. RED. LIPS. I know that's like a blogger sin or something but whatever. Only about 1/20 people actually look GOOD with red lips although 20/20 think they do. I got color #9 which is a really pretty pink and I'm SO happy about that because I LOVE pink lip glosses. The cool thing about this product is it's sort of a lip gloss and lip stain in one that is moisturizing instead of drying like most lip stains. I wouldn't buy this product at the retail price just because I would never spend $40 on ANY lip product (or beauty product in general to be honest) but there was a $20 off discount included with the bag so I may buy me a backup!

Be a Bombshell Eyeliner in Onyx (full size) - Retails: $14
I haven't used this eyeliner yet but I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it. I've tried e.l.f.'s version of this "sharpie-style" eyeliner and actually liked it pretty well. I tried this out on my hand and it was very black and glided on very smooth! The tip was very soft. If it works as well as I think it's going to and lasts throughout the day I would definitely buy this again.

The Balm What's Your Type? Mascara in The Body Builder (sample) - Full Size Retails: $19
I used this mascara this morning and WOW. That's all I know to say. My eyelashes are nothing to brag about - they're short and straight - but they look fake (in a good way) with this mascara. I only applied one coat and that's all I needed. I've worn it for 7.5 hours so far and it hasn't flaked at all. I would most definitely buy this again, especially with the discount.

Couture Color Pequi Oil Treatment (.5oz Size) - Retails: $12.00
I haven't used this but I love trying hair products so I'm super excited about it. There were really great reviews on it on ipsy's website from fellow subscribers who tried it out so I'm trying it with very high hopes! It smells like Coconut Cream Pie - amazing.

Coastal Scents EyeShadow Quad (sample) - Full Size Retails: $1.99 per pan
The colors I got were Maroon Berry, Flesh Tone, Caramel, and Light Bronze. These colors couldn't be more perfect for me. I only wear shades of black/gray and neutral eyeshadows so I'm really glad I didn't receive a sample palette with a bunch of purples, pinks and blues or something. I already have the two 88 Eyeshadow Palettes in Matte & Shimmer so I know how much I love Coastal Scents eyeshadows. Obviously, I would buy these.

The reason I was never interested in these beauty subscription services before is they always seemed full of samples. I always made fun of people who were spending $10-$12 a month on crap they could get free at the department store beauty counter. The thing I like most about this bag is there is only one sample product. The Pequi Oil Treatment may be considered by a sample to some, but that particular size is actually for sale on their website and Sephora so I don't consider it a sample.

My favorite part of getting new beauty products is trying them out so I'm pretty anxious to use them in the morning. I'll post an update sometime this week with a photo of myself using all of these products so you can see how they look. Let me know if you received this bag as well and what you thought about it! You can go to ipsy.com if you're interested in subscribing!


  1. That bag is really cute actually!

  2. Thank you for posting this!! I was JUST thinking about signing up for something like this, now I def will!

  3. I love my Coastal Scents palettes! I recommend them to everyone!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

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