An Ode to Excedrin Migraine

August 28, 2012

This is me today. Ok, so I'm kind of cheating. I ran out of Excedrin a while ago since they discontinued it (temporarily?) but Excedrin was my first love. Fortunately, stores have their own generic brand of it called, well.. many different things. And let me tell you a secret.. the "Migraine" ones and the "Extra Strength" is the same formula but the extra strength is cheaper. You're welcome.

An Ode to {GENERIC} Excedrin Migraine

My head and I are at a war
It likes to cause me pain
Just when I can't take anymore
I reach for Excedrin Migraine

Soon my migraine will pass
like it was never really there
but sometimes it gives me gas
and I have to get some fresh air

But still I love that little pill
they give me so much relief
cause my migraines, they kill
and they cause me tons of grief

Peace out. ✌


  1. Oh goodness-- Migraines are the worst. But you totally made them "cute" with that little poem ;) Love it.

  2. Migraines are the WORST! That poem is the perfect ode to Excedrin Migraine, I want to print it out and tape it up in the linen closet where I keep the budget CVS brand E.M. because I couldn't find it anywhere either.

  3. I used to get headaches and migraines often, for the past few weeks I've been going to a chiropractor (for other reasons than headaches) but my headaches have completely disappeared! You should consider getting adjusted sometime...I really am amazed.

  4. I feel your pain...I am in the same boat with headache medicine. I have to take like 5-6 Motrin to them to go away sometimes. Hang in there!


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