{CLOSED}Need a button for your blog?

January 3, 2012

Good morning, guys! I'm sitting here in my pajamas sipping on some hot cocoa pretending like I'm a stay at home mom or something but I'm not. It feels like I should be though because I've had two long weekends in a row: a 4 day weekend and a 3 day weekend! I'm actually just taking about 10 minutes to write this quickly before I wake my son up to get him ready for preschool and have to start getting ready for work myself.

Do you need a link button for you blog? If so, I would love to design a few for you! I will provide you with 3 buttons (different designs/sizes/your choice) for $5.00! If you're interested, please fill out the form below. I will contact you to confirm your inquiry and then you will receive a bill from PayPal. After the payment is made, I will create your blog buttons and send them to you. You will be able to request one revision for each button. Further revisions will be an additional $1.00 fee per revision.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at thesinglemomoirs@gmail.com

The form will be automatically disabled after 50 inquires and will re-enabled upon schedule availability. It would be super awesome if you could click here to spread the word via Twitter. Thanks :)

P.S.: Want to get ONE FREE custom designed blog button? Just blog about this service on your blog, link to this post and email me at thesinglemomoirs@gmail.com to let me know and I will you hook you right up!

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