From Online to Real Life

October 22, 2012

I've had an "online life" since I was 14 so having online friends is nothing new for me. I started my first blog on the now defunct Expage and also had a fairly popular "blog" on LiveJournal.From then on, I became "hosted" (where someone would let you have a sub-domain on their account) which led to me purchasing my first domain name. I never stayed with one blog for long and I never stuck with blogging for long. I would get bored and burnt out. After looking up my blogs on and following the links to all of the "new" ones I would create, I found 12 different ones in a two year time period. I guess not much has changed since I've been through four the last year and a half. Oops! I think I've finally found my place though, so I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon this time around.

Anyway, through this journey, I have "met" some wonderful people and have made some, hopefully, life-long friends. To be honest, I care more about and feel closer to some of these people than I do people I grew up with. A lot of people find it strange to be so close to someone you've never met but I don't find it weird at all. Like I said, I've known most of these people since I was 14! They've been there through some really good times and some really bad times. They know my secrets and they know my heart. I became close with most of them by joining a popular message board but I keep up with them now mostly on a private Twitter account. The only thing that bums me out is knowing I will never meet some of these girls "in real life."

I have, however, met a few of them over the last few years!

I "hired" Jess to take photos of Aiden a few years ago so she flew in to Arkansas and took some amazing pictures of him! We took a picture together but I can't find it anymore but you can see one of the pictures she took of Aiden below. Those eyes! I'm in love.

I met Lindsay and Kita when I ventured to Texas last year! I thought it would be super awkward but it wasn't at all. I felt like I had been hanging out with them for years.

Aaaand, of course, I also met Alyssa which I blogged about here!

Don't you just love when online friends became real life friends? I do! Have you ever met someone from the internet in real life?


  1. We're definitely gonna have to pull this one off. Fo' sho'.

  2. It's truly an amazing thing when blogging turns into real life friendships. A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a blog friend in person. To this day, we still keep in touch :)

  3. gotta love blog friends! yes, i have met a few fellow utah bloggers and meet ups and such - but there is one girl in texas i am dying to meet! i can't wait for real online friendships to become real life friendships :)


    ps. that picture of aiden is perfect.

  4. I met Mea from the message boards when I went to Vegas. Hopefully I will be able to meet more people!

  5. I've met lots of online friends. It's never weird to me for some only sounds weird to say it out loud to people who don't understand :)

  6. :):):):) yay blog friendships!!!!

  7. I love that some of my online friends are also your online friends. Haha. I feel the same way, most of you I have known and kept up friendships longer than people in my "real" life. I haven't met anyone yet, though! I did meet Meghan for about a second (we were from the same area before she moved to Texas), she met me at my old job so I could get her a discount on this super cute dress.

  8. I cantwait to devolop online blog friendships! Your son is so cute and those eyes OMG!!!

    Just found ur blog and followed



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