My Beef with Pinterest Users

July 13, 2012

First, I want to let y'all know that I LOVE Pinterest. It's my go-to website for, like, everything. Trying to decide what to cook? Pinterest. Trying to think of a cute & creative gift? Pinterest. Looking for new ways to tone my butt? Pinterest. I think you get the idea. My love for Pinterest is pretty much an obsession but there are some things about the people who use it that annoy me.

When someone brings a really good, never-before-seen dessert to a function and gets asked, "Where did you get that recipe?" and they reply, "From Pinterest!"

Uh. No. You did not get that recipe from Pinterest. You saw a photo of that super freakin' awesome looking chocolate caramel marshmallow Nutella cake and followed the link TO A BLOG where the recipe was written (and where it quite possible originated!) but who ends up getting the credit here? Pinterest. So, please, the next time someone asks you where the recipe came from tell them you got it from the "Momma Cooks A Lot" blog. Or whatever.

When someone pins something from the homepage of a blog.

Example scenario: It's 9:30pm and I just got my son to sleep. This week is his last week of preschool so I want to make something cute and crafty for his teachers. I spend an hour browsing Pinterest for a teacher gift when all of a sudden I see it. It's perfect. And it looks relatively easy & inexpensive (yes!) so I click the image to go to the originating website and BAM. Home page. Of course, as luck would it have it, it's from a blog that's been around for 6 years and was one of the very first posts - oh, and there's no search form, category listing, or archives on this blog. OF COURSE. So now I have to spend another 30 minutes trying to find the darn thing (or just use Google's Advanced search but I'm trying to be dramatic & prove a point here so whatever). People.. PLEASE.. Click on the post title before you hit the Pin It button. The whole internet will thank you.

When people re-pin spam.

The above scenario could be used for this one too but instead of opening the homepage of the originating website, you click the photo of the "THE ONLY CHOCOLATE MOUSSE PIE RECIPE YOU WILL EVER, EVER NEED" and get sent to a website that's trying to sell diet pills. Obviously, most people don't do this on purpose. Most people just hit "Repin" without checking to see if it's a legitimate pin but I'm seeing this A LOT lately and it's driving me insane.

When people pin photos of their family.

This shouldn't even be something I have to mention. Why people have decided to turn Pinterest into their own Facebook Album is beyond me. Now, if you're a professional photographer (I mean a real, professional photographer - but I'll save that for another post) and your photos are amazing and inspiring and one just happens to be about a family member that's cool. Your photos are pretty and I like to see them. But there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why anyone should upload their iPhone photos of their children or grandchildren and nobody cares anything about seeing those on Pinterest. Start a blog, get on Instagram... anything, but not Pinterest.

Nail art.

This is kind of a cop-out complaint but I want to point out that I haven't seen anyone paint their fingernails 6 different colors since Kindergarten until Pinterest became popular. When the Accent Wall became a thing to do for anyone who owned a home I didn't think much of it. I mean, sure, some people did it horribly and obviously never watched a single show on HGTV but there were others who made it work and look decent. But it should have ended there. We don't need an Accent Nail. I mean.. am I the only one that LOLs just from saying Accent Nail? Of course, it gets worse when grown adults start gluing shit to their nails.


  1. Oh girlie, I just love you. With the exception of nail art. I love accent nails :P

    1. Don't worry, I think I'm the only person in the world that doesn't like the accent nail trend haha.

    2. Hate it. And it distracts me. Not in a good way. Like wtf are you 8?

  2. Hahah...accent nail. I completely agree! In fact, I always "unfollow" people who boards completely dedicated to "nail art." Really people? Nail art??

  3. I completely agree with everything, except the last one! haha I am totally guilty of this! However, I must add that I have always loved nails/nail art and have done the accent nail for years before pinterest. So I cant blame pinterest for that interest of mine. LOL And I even have a few nail art blog posts, from when I first started blogging (again before pinterest) BUT I still found it funny the way you put it! ;)

    But again everything else you stated... spot on!


  4. Yeah I totally agree with you with most of above points. Especially with the fact that people pin st from the homepage of a website. I sometimes gave up searching what I needed on the home page because it seemed an impossible mission :)With the nail arts thingy, I don't care much since I always let my nails unpainted :)

  5. I hate the damn accent nail too!

    I hate when people pull images from Google so that there isn't a link to click on! Soo frustrating!

  6. Ahhhh! I agree with everyone else's comments, I love the accent nail.

  7. I'm totally guilty of replying that it came from Pinterest! I definitely need to be better about that. Especially being someone that has a blog. I would way rather someone plug my blog instead of just saying they got it off Pinterest.

    Came to your blog from your Etsy shop and so glad I did!


  8. I have turned pinterest into my version of google... unless I am looking up directions or something of that nature because I havent found any "how to get there boards" yet...

    I guilty of painting accent walls and accent nails... I actually have an accent nail right now, I looked at it in disgust when I read your post, then I blinked and was like, "oh hey your cute!" - it's late and Im a dork... you will learn this.

    xo sister darling.

  9. I couldn't agree more especially about the nail art and spam. I used to be good about checking all of the links before repinning but got lazy. Now I even see work from home posts which are blatantly spam. I am guilty as charged for saying I found things on Pinterest on ocassion but mores to try and get others to join!

  10. I've always played around with my nails, but it's because I get bored easily. I'll paint them a solid color one day and a day later add an "accent nail" and a day later add a design, haha.
    I COMPLETELY agree with the rest though. Pinterest is great, but it shouldn't get the credit.

  11. The pinning from a blog homepage will be the death of me! I cannot stand it. I will search out the original content and repin it with the correct URL just because it irritates me so much.

    I handmade a bunch of Christmas gift last year, and with every gift that I gave out my sister-in-law pointed out to everyone that I "got that from Pinterest." Maybe so, but I still made it with my own hands! That counts for something, right?

  12. Thank you for posting this. I'm guilty of saying "From Pinterest". I never will again :D

  13. I just found you because I loved the design of Ashley's blog She Makes a Home and clicked through to your site - awesome Blogger designs!

    Agh I totally agree with you! I even got off Pinterest for awhile because I was so irritated with all the abuse and misrepresentation. I did a post ( on how to not be a jerk on Pinterest because I feel like people are SO unaware of all these problems!

    On the other hand, however, I'm TOTALLY guilty of using my nails as blank canvases for every trend out there. Shameful, I know! lol

  14. I;m a huge fan of Pinterest, but I'm glad someone besides me has the same beef about it! And pinning homepage images is just THE. WORST. EVER.

  15. I came to your site by typing in "hate accent nail" into Google. I hate the trend and was hoping to see somebody else vent about it!


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