My first massage !!

February 4, 2012

I don't have a lot to say today except I have never had a professional massage. I have asked for a gift certificate to get one for every holiday as long as I can remember and no one has ever gotten me on.

Until last year. My wonderful boyfriend bought me a one-hour massage for my birthday back in August and I have been so busy I kept forgetting to make an appointment until last week. Today is the day! You have no idea how excited I am, haha.

So while I am getting pampered courtesy of my man, you can check out these buttons I designed for Jenn!

Well, I'm off to shave my legs! Have a great day everyone :)


  1. I love the buttons and the lady that is in them is pretty cool too!

    My ex boyfriend last Christmas bought me a hot stone massage and I still haven't used it yet! You just reminded me I def need too.

    1. Oh, nice! That's on my list to try next. I have to say, I wasn't too impressed with this massage :-/ It almost felt more like a back rub than a back massage - even after I asked her to apply a little more pressure. And my neck was cramped when I left. It was kind of a weird experience overall. The lady left the room so I could get dressed and when I walked out to give her the gift certificate, her and her husband were just sitting down eating carrots lol. It was supposed to be a nice place but it was just weird!

  2. My ex actually got me a gift certificate to get a massage too in June and I have yet to use it!


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