Kristine's Shower Bath & Body Products Review & Giveaway

November 25, 2011

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Hello readers! I have a wonderful giveaway for you all thanks to Kristine's Shower. I have been a fan of Kristine's Shower for a long time now.  I made my first purchase in 2006 and have never been disappointed so when I got the opportunity to review and giveaway the products on my blog I was super excited. I'm sure all of you will fall in love with them as well

Here's what I received:

Shea Butter Sorbet in Vanilla Sugar

The Shea Butter Sorbet from Kristine's Shower is one of my favorite products because it's packed full of moisturizing shea butter and coconut oil. Most of the time moisturizers that contain a high percentage of these oils leave your skin looking like the aftermath of an oil spill but the shea butter sorbet is probably the most moisturizing and non-greasy shea butter moisturizer I have ever used. Period. It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling great. The scent I reviewed is Vanilla Sugar and it smells very true to the name and not artificial. The scent lingers for a long time without being overbearing. I would definitely purchase this. And guess what? It comes in men scent selections too! The 8oz size is only $12.25 but you can get 35% off* using the code BIG35 upon check out!

Shea Butter Body Frosting Sugar Scrub in Jungle Love

The Shea Butter Body Frosting from Kristine's Shower is honestly my absolute favorite body scrub. Ever. It is one of the first products I purchased and it was always a repurchase every time I placed a new order. I LOVE IT. It's super exfoliating but not too rough or scratchy. It also contains an emulsifier which binds the oil and water together to help reduce your chances of slipping in the shower or bath and hurting yourself. Seriously. A make or break factor for me when buying sugar scrubs is whether or not it's going to be a health hazard. There's nothing worse than using a sugar scrub that makes your shower floor feel like an ice skating rink. Now, of course you will still want to use caution either way but I have never felt the slippery feeling with this sugar scrub. It is beyond fantastic. A little goes a long way so you definitely get your money's worth. The scent I reviewed is Jungle Love and is described as amber musk with ginger & warm hints of vanilla. Basically, it smells sweet, girly, and fantastic. I would purchase this scent on my own. The 12oz size is $16.49, the 8oz size is $6.50 and the 2oz sample size is $3.99. Remember that 35% off* coupon code? Well, it applies here too! Just type in BIG35 upon check out and you can save some serious cash off your total order!

Aloe Vera Body Whip in All That Jazz

I love the Aloe Very Body Whips, especially in the summertime. This was another one of my first purchases. The combination of the shea butter sorbet and aloe vera is just unbelievable on a sunburn. I probably wouldn't purchase this product in the winter for myself just because I'd prefer to use the shea butter sorbet and I don't tan anymore but I did use it religiously when I was tanning in a tanning bed. I don't remember my skin ever peeling or itching from tanning and sunburns when I used this. I love it. If you have dry, itchy skin in the winter this would probably be great for you too! It absorbs in quickly without leaving a sticky feeling or a film on top of your skin like most aloe vera gels. The scent I reviewed is called All That Jazz and is a combination of white lily and jasmine. Now, I will be honest and say that I'm not a huge fan of this scent. For a flower-y scent it's actually not bad but I'm more of a fruity or sweet type of person. If you like flower-y scents I don't see a reason why you wouldn't like this. An 8oz container is $13.99 and there are more smaller sizes to choose from as well. Use the code BIG35 at check out to take 35% off* your total order.

Shea Butter Bath Bombs

I received a 6-pack of bath bombs. I have absolutely no idea what scent they were but they all smell great. I think I have an idea of what a few of them are but I don't want to be wrong so I'll just refrain from guessing. I love these bath bombs. Kristine's Shower is actually known for their bath bombs and that's why I didn't want to review them first. I wanted to let you guys know about some of the other products they offer before I got in to these lovely balls of shea butter and smelly goodness. They are super hard, highly fragrant, and melt wonderfully leaving your water and skin amazingly smooth and scented. I'm sure most of you have tried Lush's bath bombs at least once so I want to compare these to those for a second. I really like Lush's bath bombs but I really love Kristine's Shower's bath bombs and would recommend them over any others, anytime. They are also super affordable. A single bath bomb is $2.25 or get a whole bucket full of 15 bath bombs for $20.00! Not too bad! There's several other options between those so head on over to Kristine's Shower's website to check it out. Don't forget the BIG35 coupon code for 35% off* your total purchase.

Real Handmade Soap

Now, first of all, if you've never used real soap you are seriously missing out. And I feel terribly sorry for your skin. I'm not talking about store bought "soap" which isn't actually soap at all but a detergent in bar form. If you've never noticed, it's usually called a "beauty bar" or "cleansing bar" or something similar because it's legally not allowed to be called SOAP - because, well, it isn't. The detergents are very drying to your skin and can cause a lot of itchiness. I haven't used anything but handmade soap in YEARS. I don't care where you buy it from, you need to start trying it but while you're at it you might as well order a bar or four from Kristine's Shower. Kristine's Shower soap bars are a solid 5oz and last a good while. Handmade soap lasts much longer than store bought detergent bars so while it may seem expensive at first you're doing your skin a huge favor. I think it's worth it. This soap leaves your skin feeling very smooth and moisturized without a weird film-y feeling. One bar is $4.50 but there is a slight discount for 3 or more bars. And of course, you can use the aforementioned coupon code BIG35 to receive 35% off* your total order.
Disclaimer: All opinions and words are my own and have not been swayed in any way by any parties. I received no monetary compensation for my review or the opinions stated above. I received all of the products above FREE for reviewing purposes; however, my opinions and review are honest.

Now, to the good stuff. Kristine's Shower is giving away one free stacker as pictured to the right. Click on the image to view it larger. You will receive a shea butter sorbet, shea butter body frosting, aloe vera whip, soap and bath bomb. Cool, right?! I am using Rafflecopter to run this giveaway so just do the items listed below and your entry will be counted! Please head on over to Kristine's Shower's Facebook and thank you for this opportunity!


  1. Wow GREAT giveaway Kendra I would loveeee to try these products and will eventually even if I don't win, Thanks for the heads up! :D

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